Panoramas for Instagram.

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Instarama working on Google Pixel Front


Select any panorama and instarama will automatically generate the amount of views required for the gallery view

Front Image

Easily set any of the tiles to appear as the first slide to capture the most beautiful part of your panorama

Instarama working on Google Pixel Angled
Instarama Widget on the Google Pixel


Use the Instarama widget to generate panoramas even quicker!

Device Love

Instarama loves all the devices, and wants to be used by all! Working on tablets, phones etc!

Instarama working on tablet portrait Instarama working on tablet landscape

Make Panoramas work for Instagram

Instagrams new gallery view makes it so panoramas can be viewed easily, however it takes a while to crop out each and every square from a panorama. Instarama solves this by doing the job for you!

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